Coastal and Marine Geomorphology Group



The Coastal and Marine Geomorphology Group (CMGG), Cagliari University, was created by a group of researchers at the Department of Chemical and Geological Science; they were part of the foundation and development of the Osservatorio Coste E Ambiente Naturale Sottomarino -O.C.E.A.N.S. (Coastal and Submarine Environment Observatory), based at Punta Sardegna Lighthouse, Palau (OT) and the Mediterranean Geomorphological Coastal and Marine Laboratory  (MedCoastLab) based in the port of Cagliari.

Research areas

The main objective of the Coastal and Marine Geomorphology Group is to carry out research in the marine and coastal systems from saltmarshes/dune zones to the inner continental shelf. The following themes are covered:

-geomorphological and hydrodynamic surveys;
-evaluation of short and long term littoral sedimentary budget;
-morphological changes to the coastal systems (morphodynamics);
-coastal system responses to climatic changes ;
-sedimentological and stratigraphic surveys;
– wave and current modeling;
-shoreline video monitoring
-thematic cartography;
-3D GIS models for coastal zone
-environmental impact studies;
-vulnerability and erosion risk evaluation;
-environmental readjustment issues;
-interventions for the re-equilibrium of the coastline;
-problems regarding seabed excavations and reuse of the materials;
-impact of fishing with mechanical and hydraulic means;
-disputes over maritime state property;
-alterations due to pollution;
-surveys/research for the retrieval of sand.

Where we are

Dipartimento di scienze chimiche e geologiche – Cagliari


Faro di Punta Sardegna – Palau (OT)