Shape Reconstruction from Raw Point Clouds using Depth Carving

Abstract: Shape reconstruction from raw point sets is a hot research topic. Point sets are increasingly available as primary input source, since low-cost acquisition methods are largely accessible nowadays, and these sets are more noisy than used to be. Standard reconstruction methods rely on normals or signed distance functions, and thus many methods aim at estimating these features. Human vision can however easily discern between the inside and the outside of a dense cloud even without the support of fancy measures. We propose, here, a perceptual method for estimating an indicator function for the shape, inspired from image-based methods. The resulting function nicely approximates the shape, is robust to noise, and can be used for direct isosurface extraction or as an input for other accurate reconstruction methods.

Authors: F. Guggeri, R. Scateni, R. Pajarola.
Shape Reconstruction from Raw Point Clouds using Depth Carving.
EuroGraphics Conference 2012 (short presentations), 33-36.
Cagliari, Italia, Maggio 2012.