Speaky Notes: Learn languages with augmented reality

Abstract: In recent years, mobile devices have become very popular within young people. Thanks to developments in mobile technologies, these devices can now do much more than just voice calls and texts. We envision mobile devices as tools for improving the young users’ lifestyle, especially for learning. In this work we present a web authoring system that makes it possible to create a mobile application that supports children in learning a new language in a more pleasant and entertaining way by using Augmented Reality. This application allows pupils to improve their speaking skills turning the language acquisition into a game under the supervision of both teachers and parents. Our contribution is focused on understanding how digital technology can facilitate learning while keeping in mind that it is a wide and interdisciplinary issue.

Authors: F. Sorrentino, L. D. Spano, R. Scateni.
Speaky Notes: Learn languages with augmented reality.
Motivating students with Mobiles (MsM’2015), part of IMCL2015, 146-150.
Salonicco, Grecia, Novembre 2015.

AR Turn-by-turn navigation in small urban areas and information browsing

Abstract: Navigation systems allow to discover cities and their urban areas easily and quickly, finding the shortest path to reach them and giving directions to users saving their time and energy. At present time, these systems are based over streets maps offered by the major mapping services like Tele Atlas, Navteq or OpenStreetMap. In recent years, thanks to the Google StreetView service it has been possible to discover main cities locations both indoor and outdoor. What is missing in this frame is the possibility to map small urban areas of small and medium sized cities, due to their lack of relevance for the big players. In this cities there could be very interesting areas for tourists. Example locations could be botanical gardens, archeological sites, protected natural areas among others. In this work we tried to set up a navigation system for limited extensions inside urban areas which permits to wander around and gives access to related information using augmented reality techniques. Due to the possible poor wireless coverage in these locations we designed an application that stores all required data on the user’s device, splitting the information in packages according to the chosen language. A key issue was to achieve good results combining all these features in a single device with a small display, overwhelming the constraints due to the mobile environment.

Authors: G. Cherchi, F. Sorrentino, R. Scateni.
AR Turn-by-turn navigation in small urban areas and information browsing.
EuroGraphics Italian Chapter 2014 (short papers), 37-40.
Cagliari, Italia, Settembre 2014.