CHROMAGRAM: A Real-time Chroma Key Application for Mobile Devices

Abstract: Chroma Key is a special-effects technique widely used by television and motion picture industries for image composition. This technique allows users to replace sections identified by a chosen colour in a multimedia stream (like a video or a photo) with another image or video stream. In this paper, we describe an easy-to-implement technique for the creation of an Android based application for mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets) that applies Chroma Key-based effects to the video stream coming from the device camera. We discuss the algorithm used to achieve the Chroma Key effect focusing on the computational performance and on the quality of its final result. Using a picture selected from the device gallery, this application makes possible the replacement of video stream background areas characterized by a chroma value with the chosen picture.

Authors: F. Corda, F. Sorrentino, R. Scateni.
CHROMAGRAM: A Real-time Chroma Key Application for Mobile Devices.
EuroGraphics Italian Chapter 2014 (short papers), 49-52.
Cagliari, Italia, Settembre 2014.

3D-ize U! A Real-time 3D Head-model Texture Generator for Android.

Abstract: Recently, the number of applications developed for smartphones has dramatically increased; however, at the moment, applications having the purpose of creating and displaying 3D models are quite rare. The goal of this work is to build an application that allows the user to see the virtual three-dimensional representations of their friends and interact with them. The main challenge is to achieve results similar to those that a computer would produce, optimizing the process to deal with the constraints due to the technology used. Since there are no similar mobile applications, this work will make possible to create a base onto which will be possible to realize applications that have customized 3D models as a common feature.

Authors: S. Boi, F. Sorrentino, S. Marras, R. Scateni.
3D-ize U! A Real-time 3D Head-model Texture Generator for Android.
EuroGraphics Italian Chapter 2011, 41-46.
Salerno, Italia, Novembre 2011.