Smart mirror where I stand, who is the leanest in the sand?

Abstract: In this paper we introduce the Virtuoso project, which aims at creating a seamless interactive support for fitness and wellness activities in touristic resorts. The overall idea is to evaluate the current physical state of the user through a technology-enhanced mirror. We describe thes tate of the art technologies for building a smart mirror prototype. In addition, we compare different parameters for evaluating the user’s physical state, considering the user’s impact, the contact requirements and their cost. Finally we depict the planned setup and evaluation setting for the Virtuoso project.

Authors: M. Saba, R. Scateni, F. Sorrentino, L. D. Spano, S. Colantonio, D. Giorgi, M. Magrini, O. Salvetti, N. Buonaccorsi, I. Vitali.
Smart mirror where I stand, who is the leanest in the sand?
UAHCI 2015, Part of HCI International 2015, 364-373.
Los Angeles, CA, USA, Agosto 2015.

Curvature-based blending of closed planar curves

Abstract: A common way of blending between two planar curves is to linearly interpolate their signed curvature functions and to reconstruct the intermediate curve from the interpolated curvature values. But if both input curves are closed, this strategy can lead to open intermediate curves. We present a new algorithm for solving this problem, which finds the closed curve whose curvature is closest to the interpolated values. Our method relies on the definition of a suitable metric for measuring the distance between two planar curves and an appropriate discretization of the signed curvature functions.

M. Saba, T. Schneider, K. Hormann, R. Scateni.
Curvature-based blending of closed planar curves.
Graphical Models, 76(5):263-272 (GMP 2014, Singapore, SN).
Elsevier, September 2014.