Education Programme at Eurographics 2009

Abstract: The Education Programme at Eurographics 2009 took place in Munich, Germany, over the course of 2 days: March 31st and April 1st 2009. Educators were invited to present their experience in teaching computer graphics over a wide range of topics: from teaching mathematical foundations of computer graphics to using visual tools; from teaching in a strict computer science curriculum to teaching students of mixed disciplines and on to teaching in other curricula. As a result, we had 12 presentations in four sessions, ranging from a new method of teaching quaternions to teaching computer graphics in the context of theatre. The presence of 20–40 attendees throughout these 2 days made clear that the Education Programme at Eurographics has established itself over the last years.

Authors: R. Scateni, G. Domik.
Education Programme at Eurographics 2009.
Computer Graphics Forum, 28(6):1723-1724.
Wiley, Settembre 2009.