Speaky Notes: Learn languages with augmented reality

Abstract: In recent years, mobile devices have become very popular within young people. Thanks to developments in mobile technologies, these devices can now do much more than just voice calls and texts. We envision mobile devices as tools for improving the young users’ lifestyle, especially for learning. In this work we present a web authoring system that makes it possible to create a mobile application that supports children in learning a new language in a more pleasant and entertaining way by using Augmented Reality. This application allows pupils to improve their speaking skills turning the language acquisition into a game under the supervision of both teachers and parents. Our contribution is focused on understanding how digital technology can facilitate learning while keeping in mind that it is a wide and interdisciplinary issue.

Authors: F. Sorrentino, L. D. Spano, R. Scateni.
Speaky Notes: Learn languages with augmented reality.
Motivating students with Mobiles (MsM’2015), part of IMCL2015, 146-150.
Salonicco, Grecia, Novembre 2015.

RiftArt: Bringing Masterpieces in the Classroom through Immersive Virtual Reality.

Abstract: The recent development in consumer hardware lowers the cost barrier for adopting immersive Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, which could be an option for classroom use in the near future. In this paper, we introduce RiftArt, a VR tool for supporting the teaching and studying of Art History. Using riftArt the teachers can configure virtual museum rooms, with artwork models inside, and enhance them with multimodal annotation. The environment supports both the teachers during the lesson and the students during rehearsal. The application, implemented completely using Web technologies, can be visualized on large screens and head mounted displays. Via the user test results we can say that the immersive VR visualization increases the motivation of high-school students towards studying Art History.

Authors: A. Casu, L. D. Spano, F. Sorrentino, R. Scateni.
RiftArt: Bringing Masterpieces in the Classroom through Immersive Virtual Reality.
EuroGraphics Italian Chapter 2015, 77-84.
Verona, Italia, Ottobre 2015.