Natural Interaction and Computer Graphics Applications

Abstract: Natural Interaction with computers has been a challenging topic of research since the very beginning of the digital era and refers to the possibility, on the user’s part, of exploiting natural abilities to control the machine and interpret its outputs. If in the infancy of computer graphics this meant using visual representation and pen pointing, nowadays more refined techniques are needed to fit the wide range of applications, from home entertainment to virtual and augmented reality. This paper describes some advances in gesture, tangible and surface computing, showing how such interaction models, if treated as a continuum, improve the usability, accessibility and overall experience of computer graphics applications.

Authors: S. A. Iacolina, A. Lai, A. Soro, R. Scateni.
Natural Interaction and Computer Graphics Applications.
EuroGraphics Italian Chapter 2010, 141-146.
Genova, Italia, Novembre 2010.