An Iterative Stripification Algorithm Based on Dual Graph Operations

Abstract: This paper describes the preliminary results obtained using an iterative method for generating a set of triangle strips from a mesh of triangles. The algorithm uses a simple topological operation on the dual graph of the mesh, to generate an initial stripification and iteratively rearrange and decrease the number of strips. Our method is a major improvement of a proposed one originally devised for both static and continuous level-of-detail (CLOD) meshes and retains this feature. The usage of a dynamical identification strategy for the strips allows us to drastically reduce the length of the searching paths in the graph needed for the rearrangement and produce loop-free triangle strips without any further controls and post-processing.

Authors: M. Porcu, R. Scateni.
An Iterative Stripification Algorithm Based on Dual Graph Operations.
Eurographics Conference 2003 (short presentations), 69-75.
Granada, Spagna, Settembre 2003.