Danilo Pani

Associate Professor of Electronic and Computer Bioengineering

Main research fields: advanced digital biosignal processing, automatic analysis and interpretation of biomedical data, innovative medical devices, telemedicine systems.

Giulia Baldazzi

Non-tenure assistant professor

Main research fields: signal processing algorithms for biomedical signals, machine learning.

Giulia Sedda

Postdoctoral research fellow

Main research fields: study of the interplay between perception and movement by means of the design and development of perceptual stimuli and experimental setups, supported by computational models.

Andrea Pitzus

Ph.D. Student

Main research fields: advanced signal processing and machine learning tools for cardiac electrophysiology.

Parisa Sattar

Ph.D. Student

Main research fields: multimodal phenotyping of REM sleep behaviour disorders and identification of neurodegeneration biomarkers.

Marco Orrù

Ph.D. Student

Main research fields: Advanced signal processing and machine learning algorithms for biomedical signals processing mainly focused on intracardiac electrophysiology.

Nicla Mandas

Ph.D. Student

Main research fields: signal processing, modeling, and machine learning techniques, mainly focused on intracardiac electrograms and CT/MR images.

Jessica Vacca

Ph.D. Student

Main research fields: visual feedback perturbations and collaborative tasks with haptic feedback for innovative neurorehabilitation based on virtual reality.

Giulia Pili

Research fellow

Main research fields: study and design of interactive virtual environments to develop reading and writing abilities in children affected by RETT syndrome (in collaboration with AIRETT).

External collaborators

Maurizio Collu 

Biomedical Engineer – Research associate

Main professional/research field: integration into a MeDSP proprietary Matlab user interface of expectation maximization algorithms for the haplotypes count in HLA typing.


Laura Lutzoni 

Physiotherapist at Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria in Cagliari.

Main professional/research field: Adult neurorehabilitation, with major expertise in the treatment of functional neurological disorder. Postural rehabilitation, and ergonomic training in the workplace.