Medical Devices and Signal Processing Lab is a biomedical engineering lab specialized in advanced biomedical signal processing, applied machine learning, and the development of medical devices and systems for innovative diagnosis and treatment.

MeDSP’s daily challenge is to pursue the highest levels of specialization in the field. The current lines of research, projects and researchers revolving around the Lab are numerous and contribute to making this laboratory active in the scientific and technical training of tomorrow’s researchers. The real strength of the Lab is in the people who comprise it.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” (H. Ford)

This is not just a catchy phrase, it is a mantra for us. Without the passion and proactivity of the team, MeDSP Lab wouldn’t exist. Collaborations with other scientists, from different countries, are invaluable, and partnerships with other academic institutions and companies help us pursue our mission.