IEEE MeMeA 2024 – Special session on pregnancy monitoring

IEEE MeMeA 2024 (June 26-28, 2024 – Eindhoven, NL) will host a special session (SS 8) on “Unobtrusive measurements and signal processing for pregnancy monitoring”, co-organized by Danilo Pani and Rik Vullings.

One in every five pregnancies leads to complications. For almost one in every hundred pregnancies, the baby does not survive. Pregnancy monitoring is of vital importance to decrease perinatal mortality, but is strongly hampered by the lack of high-quality and reliable methods to measure the vital signs of the unborn child (i.e. fetus). The maternal womb provides a safe environment for the fetus to develop and grow, but also makes it difficult to gather information on the fetal well-being. For this Session, we invite contributions that aim to improve pregnancy monitoring. These contributions include techniques for providing new information or more reliable measurements of fetal vital signs or signal processing methods that can extract new or better information from existing measurement modalities.

MeMeA 2024 submission deadline has been extended to March 11, 2024. Don’t wait and send a contribution!

Hoping to see you all in Eindhoven!

Danilo Pani

Prof. Danilo Pani is the Head of the MeDSP Lab.

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