New seminar on electroanatomical mapping and cardiac ablation: the simulator for electrophysiology

The MeDSP lab is glad to present this 5h seminar with the experts and friends from the clinical and industrial world. The purpose of this seminar is the presentation of electroanatomical mapping techniques and, in particular, of the electrophysiology simulator, analyzing not only the more clinical aspects but also the role of the bioengineer in this context, and completing the experience of the participants with the use of the simulator.

The program will be:

  1. Electroanatomical mapping techniques
    – Use of the mapping system and its techniques: clinical and bioengineering implications
  2. Electroanatomical mapping of the right atrium
    – Clinical aspects, tools and technologies
  3. Electroanatomical mapping of the left atrium
    – Clinical and instrumental aspects
    – The transseptal puncture
    – The closure of the left atrial appendage

The seminar will be held in Italian, on July 13, 2022, 14:00-19:00.

Thanks to our speakers:
Salvatore Ocello, MD, Santissima Trinità Hospital, Cagliari
Terenzia Natale, Area Manager at Medical Concept Lab Srl
Andrea Pibiri, Clinical Support Specialist at Medical Concept Lab Srl

All the details can be found here.

Danilo Pani

Prof. Danilo Pani is the Head of the MeDSP Lab.

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