Who is MiC.


MiC. Michele Campagna (MiC.) is Full Professor of Spatial Planning (and Geodesign)

His actual research interests are related to ERC Panel SH2* and deal with Spatial Planning and Geodesign, the Scientific Method in Planning, Metaplanning, Strategic Environmental Assessment, and the use of Spatial Information Technology in Planning, and Planning Support Systems (PSS).

His recent research results concerns the socio-economic impacts of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), the use of Social Media Geographic Information (SMGI)  in spatial planning, metaplanning, 1st and 2nd generation PSS, and Geodesign.

He is scientific coordinator of the UrbanGIS lab

He teaches Spatial Planning, Geodesign and GIScience at undergraduate/graduate/doctoral levels at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the Università di Cagliari .


contact: campagna@unica.it

MiC.’s Google Scholar Profile


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* ERC Panel: SH2  Institutions, Values, Environment and Space: Political science, law, sustainability science, geography, regional studies and planning

SH2_9 Urban, regional and rural studies

SH2_10 Land use and regional planning

SH2_12 GIS, spatial analysis; big data in political, geographical and legal studies



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Carl Steinitz (2017) Un Framework per il Geodesign: Trasformare la Geografia con il Progetto. Edizione Italiana a cura di Michele Campagna.  Michele Campagna. ISBN-13: 979-1220023696

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