Points of Interest

Cagliari is a lively and always on the go city. It is a destination for tourists coming from all over the world, attracted by the notoriety of Sardinia with its history and its sea.

Sea and Beaches

A stretch of fine sand, over 7 Kilometres long, the Poetto skirts the city , leading a glance which gets lost in the horizon. Framed by the Sella del Diavolo, unmistakable headland warding the port of Marina Piccola, the Poetto is called “the beach of the hundred thousand people” (spiaggia dei centomila).
Right beyond the gulf, along the coast, bays and inlets conceal, Calamosca, Cala Fighera, Capo Sant’Elia, nice to discover by boat. There are bus services to the beaches but that the nicest way to visit the surroundings is by renting a car.

Poetto Beach

The Poetto beach is located in the town of Cagliari. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and also the favourite beach for the inhabitants of Cagliari, and not only for them.
Even though the white sand dunes and the multi coloured casotti (wooden constructions near the sea) belong to the past, the sandy shore preserves an incredible charm, enriched by the Promontory of the Devil’s Saddle which dominates the port of Marina Piccola. These elements, together with the closeness to the city and the entertainment offered by traditional baretti (wooden kiosks where it is possible to eat and drink), make Poetto the favourite place for the inhabitants of Cagliari during summer season and also in any other sunny day in the rest of the year.