19th Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment

The annual DIMVA conference serves as a premier forum for advancing the state of the art in intrusion detection, malware detection, and vulnerability assessment. Each year, DIMVA brings together international experts from academia, industry, and government to present and discuss novel research in these areas.

DIMVA is organized by the special interest group Security – Intrusion Detection and Response (SIDAR) of the German Informatics Society (GI). The conference proceedings will appear in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

Information on previous DIMVA conferences can be found here.


Important Dates

  • Conference: 29 June 2022 – 1 July 2022; 
  • Paper Submission Deadline: TBC
  • Notification to Authors: TBC
  • Final Paper Submission Deadline: TBC


Venue and Travel

DIMVA 2021 will take place in Cagliari, Italy, organized by University of Cagliari. The closest airport is Cagliari Elmas Airport (5 minutes by train).


Cagliari is the capital city of the island of Sardinia whose population is around 150,000 inhabitants. The origin of Cagliari arises from its Phoenician foundation that occurred around the eight century B.C. Since then, due to its strategic geographical position, it has always been a place of commerce and trade, thus becoming a destination of occupation for numerous civilizations including the Romans, the Byzantine, The Pisans, the Aragons, the Spanish, the Austrians and the Piedmont. Layer upon layer each of these people have added an element to what is now the town of Cagliari, where past and present perfectly match. The old name of Cagliari, Karalis, means “built on the rocks”. Actually Cagliari is a city of hills and pools of water. A city that offers the most varied nuances and tones of colors just like an artist’s palette. Thanks to its numerous headlands, Cagliari offers enchanting views.

Monuments and Museums

The oldest part of Cagliari is the medieval quarter of “Castello” (the castle). It is built on top of the highest hill, just in front of the harbor, it is surrounded by several bastion walls, and guarded by two towers. A stroll through this quarter allows you to view a large number of monuments and museums including: the Saint Remy Ramparts, the St. Pancrazio Tower, the Roman Amphitheatre, the beautiful Viceroy’s Palace, the Lion’s Gate, the Neorman Saint Mary’s Cathedral dating back to the thirteenth century, National Museum of Archaeology, the National Art Gallery, the Museum Complex and the Centre for Art and Culture – Il Ghetto.

Natural Environment

The natural environment in Cagliari is very enchanting. Just a few minutes from the city center you can enjoy the 7 km long beach called Poetto, with its white, thin sand, and the deep blue color of the sea. Just behind the beach, the old saltworks, and the pond of Molentargius, where you can watch flamingos resting, fishing, or flying to or from the Santa Gilla pond, just on the opposite side of Cagliari. In addition, four natural parks have been realized inside the town.