Visit Cagliari

Cagliari is the most important city of Sardinia as well as the island’s gateway port and main Mediterranean cruise liner hub. It is located at the heart of the beautiful Bay of the Angels (Golfo degli Angeli), whose arms encircle it and – according to a legend – protect its waters. It was built, like Rome, on seven hills, which identify the historic neighbourhoods of the city: Castello, Tuvu Mannu, Tuvixeddu, Monte Claro, Monte Urpinu, Bonaria, San Michele. The city has its originary nucleus in Castello district, the highest point of the city overlooking the surrounding area. Indeed, the name of the city in Sardinian dialect is Casteddu, meaning Castle (Castello), just to indicate the upper part of the city, its ancient citadel. 
Although most of the present town was built after the 12th century, Cagliari, as all the island, was first settled by Phoenicians, who called the town Kàralis or ‘city of rock,’ and then by the Carthaginians. The Romans left their mark with a fine amphitheatre and villas, but it was not till the 12th century that Cagliari saw a settled period again, first under the Pisans, followed by the Aragonese, and eventually by the Dukes of Savoy – who styled themselves as Kings of Sardinia.
Modern Cagliari reflects all of these influences.