Workshops co-located with CHItaly 2017

GHItaly17: 1st  Workshop on Games-Human Interaction

The 1st Workshop on Games-Human Interaction (GHItaly 2017) aims at bringing together scholars and industry practitioners to establish a common ground on the topic. Main goal of the event is to spur discussion, exchange of ideas, and development of new ways of researching, teaching, and working on HCI applied to design and production of video games. The application range of video games has to be intended in its broadest sense: both entertainment and applied finalities.

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Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Mid-Air Gestures and Speech-Based Interaction

The goal of the workshop is to investigate effective ways to leverage the recent advances in the automatic recognition of mid-air gestures and speech commands, with a special focus on (but not limited to) interaction with mobile technology and inclusive design for older adults and people with special needs. In particular, the workshop aims to investigate these issues from a multidisciplinary prospective by bringing together experts on interaction design, user experience, usability, accessibility, innovative hardware and software solutions related to technology based on mid-air gestures, speech and multi-modal interaction.

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HCI and education in a changing world: from school to public engagement

The goal of this workshop is to elaborate on the state of the relationships between HCI and education, considering both the teaching of HCI in traditional contexts where the discipline is a fundamental part of the students’ curriculum and in complementary contexts where HCI can be used as a support for teaching other subjects, in a variety of situations, from the traditional school context to more heterogeneous out-of-school situations where the focus is the public engagement.

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