Here are some relevant information for you to safely travel to Cagliari.

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Visa requirement

Travelling to Italy may require you to have a visa. To check if you are eligible to travel without or instead you need it, please have a look at the tool realised by the Italian Government on the following page:

Also, for more general information about visa, timing, required documents, etc., please have a look at

Electric plugs

Consider that in Italy, electric plugs are of type C, F, and L. Most likely you will find a type L electric plug, 220V, 10-16A, 50 Hz.

For more information, please check the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) World Plugs webpage where you can set the location so as to be shown all related plug details:

Cagliari Elmas Airport

Cagliari Elmas Airport is well connected to Cagliari city centre and to the THOTEL where the workshop is hosted. Sogaer is the company in charge of managing the airport and you may find information to travel from and to the airport by different means at the following link:

For information about arrivals and departures, here you maybe always up to date:

Cagliari maps

To move around the city and visit also the main archeological and historical places, please have a look and download the following maps.

City map with highlighted interesting places

Download it here.

City map with highlighted transportation means

Download it here.