We are pleased to announce the following invited sessions at the IFAC AMEST 2024 workshop.

Contributors invited by session organisers to an invited session will receive by them the session code to use during the paper submission.

Title Proposers
Design, Implementation and Maintenance for Cyber Physical Systems Katarzyna Antosz, Kondo Hloindo Adjallah, Andre Batako, José Machado, Pierluigi Rea
Reliability for resilience and risk management Alessandra Cantini, Filippo De Carlo, Leonardo Leoni, Saverio Ferraro
AI-powered PHM Methods for Maintenance and Asset Lifecycle Management Chen Lu, Yu Ding, Dariusz Mazurkiewicz
Modelling perspective for Maintenance and Asset Lifecycle Management Chiara Franciosi, Roberto Sala, Fabiana Pirola, Alexandre VOISIN, Pascale Marange
Maintenance in the context of Industry 4.0/5.0 Malgorzata Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek, Mariusz Piechowski, Robert Waszkowski, Anouar Hallioui
Digitalisation of operation and maintenance processes in the rail sector Adolfo Crespo Marquez, Irene Roda, Adolfo Crespo del Castillo, Vicente Gonzalez-Prida Diaz, Mauricio Rodríguez Hernández, Eduardo Candon, Antonio Sánchez Herguedas
Resilient Assets and Smart Maintenance Idriss El-Thalji