Free Courses and Special Events

Special events are planned before and during the Conference:


September 13, h 9:00 – Pre- Conference free Course on “IMPACT AND GOOGLE EARTH ENGINE“.

During the Conference, the following Training Activities will be open to all attendees:

September 14, h 11:15 – “PRIMEWATER EVENT EO Virtual Lab: Explanation of the Virtual Lab”, Mariano Bresciani CNR-IREA

September 14, h 14:30: “Demonstrative session for the use of HPC-High Performance Computing on satellite and geospatial data applications in the urban environment (land consumption, green indicators)”, Matteo Picchiani, Gmatics. HPC_

September 15, h 10:00: “Microwave Radar Remote Sensing of Volcanics Clouds: Introduction and Application to Etna Eruptions”, Luigi Mereu. Application in Volcanic environments

September 15th h 9:00, in the framework of the Special Panel Remote Sensing applications in Geo-Archeology, Maria Alicandro, Francesco Immordino e Sara Zollini  will involve colleagues and students in the short Course: RS_LAB: Running and Processing of Spectral data through image processing software”.


The participation in these Courses is free, and registration using the form below is required.

  • A SPECIAL PANEL supported by “Women in Aerospace- Europe (WIA- E) Rome Local Group”


  • “Women and Space” is a special session proposed by the Rome Local Group of Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E Rome LG), to highlight the achievements of women researchers and industry professionals involved in space activities as major contributor to the theme of the Conference: “Planet Health”.
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