SIEM Academy


Cagliari 6-8 Settembre 2018

SIEM Academy represents a new cross-thematic training format aimed at informing, stimulating, and above all inspiring PhD students, scholars and engineers on emerging and not yet consolidated topics that are therefore particularly fertile to start new research activities or to expand existing studies. SIEM Academy will hence help promote a virtuous contamination of the electromagnetic background with that of neighbouring or even traditionally distant communities. Each edition of the SIEM Academy will focus on a different main theme. The inaugural edition will address the “Electromagnetic Security” within the Italian National ElectroMagnetics Conference (RiNEM) in Cagliari, Sardinia. Several tutorials will summarize the state of the art and will outline the open issues and the possible research challenges. The tutorials will be taught by both SIEM faculty and recognized experts from other disciplines and organizations that will offer a different point of view on the topic, thus fostering new long-term synergies.

The scientific program will be completed by the stories of colleagues who have won important European grants (ERC and H2020 projects) and will therefore share their experience on how to write a successful proposal. There will be also room for companies and startups to introduce themselves and their activity. The synthesis of the School will be the Research Contest wherein participants, organized in groups, will challenge themselves in the drafting of multi-disciplinary research proposals based on the School’s topics, to be evaluated by the organizing committee who will then issue a SIEM Academy certificate useful for the recognition of training ECTS credits. SIEM will grant a prize for the best proposals, and a financial aid for the most deserving participants.

Preliminary Program

Abstract and Speakers




1. Cyber and Physical Security in the Internet of Things

2. Integrity and Protection of Products and Equipment

3. Indoor Surveillance

4. Operational Management in Harsh Environments

5. Electromagnetics for Homeland Security

6. Terahertz Imaging for Security

7. Security and Drones: Surveillance and Countermeasures

8. Security and Quantum Communication

9. Story Telling by Data Visualization

10. Fundraising, How To

11. Meet Industry

12. Spin-off corner

13. Research contest


Organizing Committee

G. Marrocco, L. Tarricone, A. Costanzo, C. Lucianaz, D. Riccio, V. Degli Esposti, M. Midrio, G. Montisci


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