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Dataset for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Systems

    Computer vision systems are commonly used to design touch-less human-computer interfaces (HCI) based on dynamic hand gesture recognition (HGR) systems, which have a wide range of applications in several domains, such as, gaming, multimedia, automotive, home automation. However, automatic HGR is still a challenging task, mostly because of the diversity in how people perform the gestures. In addition, the number of publicly available hand gesture datasets is scarce, often the gestures are not acquired with sufficient image quality, and the gestures are not correctly performed. In this data article, we propose a dataset of 27 dynamic hand gesture types acquired at full HD resolution from 21 different subjects, which were carefully instructed before performing the gestures and monitored when performing the gesture; the subjects had to repeat the movement in case the performed hand gesture was not correct, i.e., the authors of this paper that were observing the gesture found that it did not correspond to the exact expected movement and/or the camera recorded a viewpoint did not allow for a plain visualizing of the gesture. Each subject performed 3 times the 27 hand gestures for a total of 1701 videos collected and corresponding 204120 video frames.

    The dataset is available here.

    The published article is available here.

    If you have any questions or requests, please contact Simone Porcu or Alessandro Floris.

    If you make use of this dataset, please consider citing the following publication:

    Fronteddu, G., Porcu, S., Floris, A., & Atzori, L. (2022). A dynamic hand gesture recognition dataset for human-computer interfaces. Computer Networks, 205, 108781.

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