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Call for researcher recruitment

    The Net4U Lab is seeking highly motivated candidates for a research grant on legal implications, data protection and intellectual property protection on the Metaverse. Brief description of the activities and details are provided below.

    Title: Metaverse, data protection and intellectual property protection: legal implications

    Description of the research activity: the research activity concerns the main legal issues of the next frontier of the integration between the physical and the virtual world, composed of multiple technological elements, including video, virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud, digital identities and avatars , AI, NFT, blockchain, IoT, etc., and whose functioning is possible thanks to the exponential increase in the computing power of the machines. This context, generically referred to as the metaverse, affects various areas of law: however, the legislation on the protection of personal data and that concerning the protection of intellectual property are of particular importance. Considering the great interest in the research activity carried out, jointly and severally, by the scientific managers and by the entire group of researchers to which they belong, the research fellow’s activity will consist in the wide-ranging analysis of the reference context in order to understand the legal problems and, if necessary, propose solutions. The activity must be conducted with a transversal, IT-legal approach, and such as to provide interesting food for thought for the scientific sectors involved (ING-INF/03 and IUS/20).

    Grant duration: October-December 2023 (three months).

    Amount: €. 4.600,00


    A) Bachelor’s degree in law (old system) or specialist degree in class 22/S (law) of the ministerial decree n. 509/1999 or master’s degree in class LMG/01 of the ministerial decree n. 25/2005 or equivalent title in accordance with current legislation.

    Further info on how to apply can be found in