Pula and surroundings



Pula - Torre The commune of Pula enjoys an excellent position on the south-western coast of the Golfo degli Angeli. It is an important agricultural centre which doubles its population during the summer, thanks to the number of seaside holidaymakers… more information
(photo by Gianfranco Frau)





Nora Mosaic Nora is found in the locality of the same name, in the municipal area of Pula. It has white, mixed grain sand, enclosed by a rock formation, and its waters are shallow and thus ideal for families with children that can play on the shore without being in danger….more information
(photo by Gianfranco Frau)




Casteddu - Santa Croce Cagliari, overlooking the Golfo degli Angeli, is an ancient city founded by Phoenician traders. Long the heart of Sardinia’s political, economic, tourist and cultural life, it spreads across seven hills: Castello, Colle San Michele, Colle di Bonaria, Monte Urpinu, Monte Claro, Tuvu Mannu and Tuvixeddu…more information
(photo by Gianfranco Frau)



SardegnaTurismo: the official tourist information site of the Region of Sardinia

Cagliari Turismo: info point of the city of Cagliari

City Tour Cagliari: open bus tours of the city of Cagliari



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