The advent of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) has contributed to the appearance and growth of a new ‘drug scenario’ characterized by an increasing number of drug users among youth and the consumption of drugs with unknown effects
or safety profiles. This International Scientific School constitutes a unique opportunity for undergraduate or post-graduate students, PhD students, and post-doctoral scientists at an early stage in their career to gain expertise in the field of NPS. This project has been funded by Sardegna Ricerche and the University of Cagliari and is joined with the JUSTSO project, developed within the European Union’s Justice Programme (Drug Policy Initiatives). It aims to promote an integrated monitoring and profiling of Novel Synthetic Opioids (NSO), to circulate information at different levels and update relevant professionals, in order to prevent addiction and its detrimental effects.

Please download the flyer and the program below:

NPS 2019  |    PROGRAM NPS 2019