The project Governing tHe smart city: a gOvernance-centred approach to SmarT urbanismGHOST (Project code: RBSI14FDPF; CUP Code: F22I15000070008) is supported by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) and it is financed with the SIR (Scientific Independence of young Researchers) programme.



The main objective of this research project is to offer a comprehensive framework for measuring and reassessing urban smart development and related rankings, stressing also the opportunities of implementing a more participated process of analysis. In this way, a governance-centred framework for the comparative analysis of smart cities will be proposed as a tool able to measure and evaluate not only the urban fabric, in terms of physical, social and human capital but also its ability to use governance structures and relations for the societal well-being, combining efficiency and equity. The purpose of this project is, therefore, to drive the evolutionary process towards smart and inclusive urbanism through the adoption of a simultaneously multi-level and place-based governance approach to smart city policies and initiatives.
In particular, the following three objectives are expected to be attained: 1) critical assessment of smart city ranking index existence (Giffinger et al., 2007; Caragliu, et al., 2009; Huggins, et al., 2011); 2) definition of an enabling technology supporting the action plans for strengthening multi-level place-based governance. This will be applied in the tourism context; 3) definition of strategies for good smart governance, with the purpose of providing recommendations to start or implement an institutional and development process leading towards smart city governance.



Principal Investigator
: Chiara Garau

Total Contribution: euro 398,511

Project Duration in months: 36

Start Date: 23/09/2015

End Date: 23/09/2019


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