Matteo Martini

B.Sc. in Computer Science – University of Genoa
M.Sc. in Computer Science (Visual Computing) – University of Genoa


Main Research field

Virtual reality, Mixed Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision

Something about me…

While working on my bachelor’s thesis, I delved into some theoretical aspects related to programming languages and their formalization. Although such topics always fascinate me, for my master’s degree I decided to focus on different topics, also related to some of my personal passions, and thus, I embarked on the visual computing track.
For my master’s thesis, supported and guided by Prof. Manuela Chessa and Prof. Fabio Solari, I developed a system to be used in Mixed Reality applications that is able to detect real world objects, estimate their extent and position and integrate in the virtual scene their virtual twin. The system can be exploited in many applications, like obstacle avoidance and object manipulation.
At the moment, the work for my research grant consists in the realization of a rehabilitation application, which is able to track the movements of the arm and hand of the patients using different technologies, like trackers, stereo cameras and accelerometers.

Research project

  • RiPARTO: Tele-Riabilitazione mediante Perturbazioni del feedback visivo per l’ARTO superiore”.