Giulia Olla

B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering – University of Cagliari

M.Sc. student in Bioengineering (Digital Healthcare) – University of Pavia


Main Research field

Investigation of motor adaptation of the upper limb subjected to protocols based on visual feedback distortions.

Monitoring and analysis of eye movements for diagnosis.


Something about me…

During my bachelor’s degree, I had the opportunity to work in the world of eye tracking, where I collaborated in the development of EyeLab, a user-friendly graphical interface designed to help to analyze eye movements data in real time. My thesis project focused on creating a set of exercises to test eye movements. Furthermore, during my first esearch grant, which I conducted after the B.Sc. degree, I developed signal processing tools in the neurological field.

This experience encouraged me to continue exploring the field of bioengineering and led me to enroll in a Master’s program in Digital Healthcare at the University of Pavia. I’m currently working on my master’s thesis at the MeDSP lab and at the same time I’m working for a research grant under the guidance of Dr. Giulia Sedda and Prof. Danilo Pani. The project involves the development and validation of a visual feedback perturbation library, written in C# for Unity 3D, for hand movements during upper limb neuromotor tasks in a virtual reality environment.

I feel grateful for these experiences and I am interested in continuing to learn and make a positive impact in the field of bioengineering.

Research project

  • RiPARTO: Tele-Riabilitazione mediante Perturbazioni del feedback visivo per l’ARTO superiore”.