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“Smart Justice: Tools and Models to Streamline the Work of Judges”

The project “Smart Justice: Tools and models to optimize the work of judges – JustSmart” is a PON GOV project involving the departments of Economics, Law and Engineering of the University of Cagliari. The other partners in the project are the Universities of Palermo (lead partner), Catania, Messina and Sassari.

Just Smart aims at the elaboration of an operational model for the functioning of the UPP in all the Judicial Offices of SARDINIA and SICILY that allows, in the short term, effective actions for the disposal of the backlog as well as, in perspective, the efficient management of flows.

The project foresees, in the start-up phase, the qualitative-quantitative survey of the existing civil backlog and the analysis of the current operating methods followed at the PPOs already established; the disaggregation of data and analysis based on the size of the judicial offices as well as the distinction between Courts and Courts of Appeal as well as individual sections of articulation of the one and the other.

It will therefore work for case studies, providing for the maximization of measures and the design of the main measures, proceeding by section or macro-themes, as well as the testing of artificial intelligence models that serve as an aid to the individual decision-maker.

It will tend to the development of complementary systems to the ministerial applications in use which, by means of Big Data, Machine Learning, text analysis and feature extraction, allow a rapid and efficient assignment by subject in the hive phase; an accurate preliminary examination of the individual dossier and drafting of the minutes of the measure according to standardized models at the level of individual UPP as well as, to the individual magistrate, a detailed view of the contents of the dossier and the possibility of multiple queries regarding metadata and precedents in terms or similar, attributable to the same judicial office.