Ph.D. School


The traditional Ph.D. School of the GE association will be held before the Meeting. In this page you will find the final program. The registration fee includes student kit, coffee breaks, lunches and the social dinner (Monday eveninig). For information  on the registration procedure check the registration page. Unfortunately, the accommodation facilities of the university of Cagliari will not be available until July, because of restoration works. In addition to the structures (hotels and B&Bs) listed in the travel information section, you may consider the Cagliari Hostel, which is in the Marina district, not far (and well connected by bus) to the locations of the school. If you need any assistance or suggestion on possible accommodations, feel free to contact the local organizing committee.

Monday, 16th June, CIttadella dei Musei, Piazza ArsenaleTuesday, 17th June, CIttadella dei Musei, Piazza ArsenaleWednesday, 18th June, Aula Magna Architettura, Via Santa Croce 59
9:00RegistrationM. Vanzi , Università di Cagliari
"Semiconductor optical emitters: from basics to lab"
L. Raffo , Università di Cagliari
"Horizon 2020: general overview and opportunities"
10:00Welcome addressL. Zeni, Seconda Università di Napoli
"Fiber optic sensors"
D. Corda , MIUR delegate for Excellence in Science Pillar
"Excellent science (ERC, MSCA, FET)"
10:30F. Palumbo , Università di Sassari
"Design methodologies and architectural support for low power computing systems"
Coffee breakCoffee break
11:30L. Benini , Università di Bologna
"Ultra-Low Power Smart Sensing at the edges of the Cloud:
cramming a GOPS in a mW power envelope"
M. Meneghini, Università di Padova
"GaN based LEDs and lasers: the road to high efficiency lighting and projection systems"
I. Iakovidis , European Commission
"Societal challenges and the role of impact in Horizon 2020"
12:30DiscussionDiscussionFinal exam
14:00R. Castello , Università di Pavia
"Terminal platforms and transceiver architecture for future (4G and beyond) wireless communication standards"
E. Cantatore , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
"TFT circuits on foil: state of the art, applications and perspectives"
15:00E. Bodano, Infineon Technologies
"DC-DC control techniques, Analog vs Digital"
A. Di Carlo , Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"
"Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics"
16:00Coffee breakCoffee break
16:30M. Bianchessi , ST Microelectronics
"Lab-on-chip and biochip for point-of-care-analysis"
P. Cosseddu , Tech-on-you s.r.l.
"Organic Electronics: a flexible technology for sensing applications"
17:30M. Barbaro , Università di Cagliari
"Implantable neural interfaces"
19:30Social dinner


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