Mar 302018

Please note that students coming from Corvinus partner schools have a *special discount*:
– We offer a 10% discount on the tuition fee for Corvinus Partner Universities
– In addition, you may take advantage of our 10% group discount / min. 5 students / university

The Early-bird registration deadline is 30th April 2018.

For further information, please visit:

Corvinus Summer School (CSS) 2018 Budapest embraces the task of making YOUR going abroad a beneficial adventure in both a personal and professional sense.

COME & LEARN with CSS here in Budapest -one of the most prestigious and cosmopolitan city (and university) in Europe cut into half by the beautiful river Danube -packed with cultural heritage sights and unique entertainment opportunities, not only in but also outside the city.

COME & LEARN with CSS here in Budapest and have fun at the very same time!

Learn more about CSS in general at:

CSS works just as well as a self-development training as an academic study experience.

On the one hand, you can further develop and gain self-sufficiency, a sense of responsibility and build a stronger and more international network, which will help you throughout your career.

On the other hand, CSS courses offer the opportunity to develop your academic skills in a great environment through lectures full of workshops and applied visits to successful businesses, organisations or research centers.

Not to mention the attractive social & cultural programs CSS have planned for you to enjoy yourselves

·Have you heard of our special lab for financial studies before, which
you can use if you choose the course ’Investment Decisions – Case Studies’?

·Have you ever dreamt of navigating your very own Start-up in the future? If your answer is ’Yes’, check out the course ’Startup Navigator – Understanding and Creating New Ventures’?

·Have you learnt about the newest Public Management concepts in Central
Eastern Europe yet? If not, you will have a chance to learn with an
expert in the course of ’Challenges of Public Management – Practical

Make your choice of CSS course for this summer NOW at:

For personal contact, please send your queries to:

Hope to welcome you amongst the CSS participants here in Budapest this
summer of 2018!

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