The MEDCOASTLAB is a specialized and innovative laboratory, created by the Coastal and Marine Geomorphology Group – CMGG (coordinated by Prof. Sandro DeMuro; Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of Cagliari) with the Battellieri Cagliari and Sardegna Progetta as Temporary Association of Companies. It is able to regularly provide scientific multidisciplinary data to decision-makers, to develop cutting-edge technologies, and to model geomorphological coastal scenarios and underway dynamics, also for forecasting purposes.

The MEDCOAST LAB carries out predictory studies of coastal erosion, sediment transport, sedimentation processes and temporary submersions. The studies are oriented to the correct management of beaches, through the orderly, structured and integrated acquisition of wave, hydrodynamic, sedimentological and geomorphological data. This database is integrated by measures from coastal video-monitoring control units, up to the development of indispensable proprietary calculation codes for the correct overall modeling of the morphodynamic processes which govern the stability and naturality of beaches.

The MEDCOAST LAB is currently engaged in the pursuing the actions in the framework of the NEPTUNE Project for the experimentation of an early warning system of coastal flood risk related to significant weather events for the management of the beaches of the Gulf of Cagliari.