Silvia Conti




Silvia Conti, PhD Student

DIEE – University of Cagliari
Piazza d’Armi – 09123 CAGLIARI (Italy)
Tel. +39 070 675 5769


Silvia Conti received her bachelor degree in Industrial Chemistry in 2010 at University of Bologna with the thesis “Study of calibration curves by wavelength dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer” and her M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry at University of Bologna in 2013, with the thesis “Novel N-eterocyclic carbene complexes of silver and ruthenium: the role of imidazolium salt”.
In January 2014, she joined the group of Innovative Devices and Materials (DEALAB) at the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari as a PhD student. Her research activity is focused on the development and optimization of materials for the fabrication of all printed organic semiconductor devices that can be applied as sensors in the field of biomedical engineering and biorobotics.


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