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Self-encapsulation of organic thin film transistors by means of ion implantation

P. Cosseddu, B. Fraboni, A. Scidà, Y.Q. Wang, M. Nastasi, A. Bonfiglio

Synthetic Metals, Volume 209, November 2015, Pages 178-182


Long-term stability of devices based on organic materials is still impeding the diffusion of these structures in real applications. In this paper we have investigated the effects of low energy, combined, ion implantation (N and Ne) in the evolution of the electrical performances of pentacene-based Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs) over time by means of current–voltage and photocurrent spectroscopy analyses. We have demonstrated that the selected combination of ions allows reducing the degradation of charge carriers mobility, and also stabilization of the devices threshold voltage over a long time (over 2000 h).

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